Vacuum Cleaner Review of the Windsor Versamatic 14 and 18

Published: 28th January 2009
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The Windsor Versamatic Upright Vacuum 2 motor model is available in both 14 inch and 18 inch widths. The 2 motors include a large 1000 watt vacuum motor that provides 105 cfm of suction and a separate motor for the brush roller. The large vacuum bag holds up to 5.3 liters of debris and the body is made from high impact ABS plastic which is extremely durable. In short, this is a vacuum designed for a lot of wear and tear.

The unit has a quiet sound level of 66 decibels, despite its two motors, and includes many features that make it a very handy machine for commercial applications. The long 40 foot power cord is nice for covering large areas without needing to replug the unit several times. The electronic controls include a worn brush strip light and the system tells the operator when the brush is not set low or high enough. In addition, there are clogged hose and full bag indicator lights. The bags are easy to replace on a clip on the inside of the unit and a flap on the filter bag covers the hole so that debris can not spill out while the bag is being replaced. Another nice feature is the one screw fastening feature of the brush strip, which makes replacement of the brushes a cinch. Various brush strips are available for different types of floors.

The Windsor Versamatic Upright Vacuum includes a Three Year Warranty on the vacuum motor, brush motor and belts. The belts are toothed so that they do not slip on the brush motor or the brush roller, reducing wear and tear over time. The electronic clutch stops the brush motor from turning when the brush gets caught up. If a blockage occurs the vacuum cleaner has a valve that is released so that the vacuum motor does not burn up. These additional features are often seen in machines known for their quality.

One feature that is appreciated on this model is the crevice tool clip which is an improvement over the NSS Pacer 214 UE, which only includes a Velcro attachment for the crevice tool. In addition, the top unit of the Windsor Versamatic Upright disconnects from the lower assembly to become a canister vacuum for hard to reach places.

Although the Windsor Versamatic Upright is an overall good choice, there are a few drawbacks. The handle can easily break away from the unit itself if the entire machine tips back and a few features are in awkward positions. One example of this is the power switch, which is located on the body of the vacuum and not on the handle, where it would be more easily reached. Another awkward placement is the height adjuster, which is located on the bottom of the unit. Sometimes the entire machine has to be turned over in order to adjust the height.

The only other drawback may be the fancy electronic controls, which can sometimes lead to more problems in the long term, but admittedly, the Versamatic line is known for producing a more quality type of machine that can be rebuilt and parts found more readily than some others available. In the end the Versamatic vacuum cleaner is a good choice for heavy duty applications.

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